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2016-06-27 10:44:18
IIS attended the Spring Conference of Association of China and Mongolia International School (ACAMIS) from 3th March to 5th March in Beijing, China.
The event was designed to provide a wide variety of related services available for international schools, involving all kinds of high-level insurance broker services that IIS experts are specialized in.
ISB, the leading international school in Beijing, hosted the fair at its conference centre. The venue is located in the middle of the campus and visitors got the opportunity to browse the vendors’ stalls. Guests also enjoyed a flavor of catering offering, with pecking roasted duck served by a well-known local chef.
During the course of the conference, IIS welcomed every ACAMIS member who is interested in the insurance service. They provided sufficient explanation of the company background as well as the details of services they would offer. In terms of IIS current clients, they collected the feedback and suggestions and conducted an internal survey within employees to see what can be improved in the future.
IIS ran a raffle draw on the day, with one person being offered a bottle of Moët champagne. The winner is Steve Moody from International School of Tianjin and their business manager Jenny helped to collect the prize. 

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