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News: JoinJade for China | Leaders Working Together
2016-07-27 17:09:06

Hepatitis B
To celebrate World Hepatitis Day on July 28th, MSH CHINA invites all enterprises to “JoinJade for China”.  It is through our joint efforts and collaboration, that we can create workplaces free from hepatitis B discrimination and educate employees about prevention and proper care for the chronically infected.

"JoinJade for China" is a joint project initiated by the Asian Liver Center (ALC)at Stanford University in US & China, Global Business Group on Health, IBM, GE, Intel, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, and HP, Inc. This is the first non-profit project of its kind that is committed to eliminating hepatitis B discrimination in workplaces under the collective leadership of non-government organization and large enterprises. As one of the first 29 JoinJade employers, MSH CHINA is encouraging more companies within our network to also "JoinJade for China.”

                                                      2016 JoinJade for China Summit

|    Hepatitis B virus HBV can only spread in three ways: birthblood and sex
|    Shaking hands and sharing food will NOT spread the virus
|    Prevention against hepatitis B is quite straightforward – vaccination for the virus is the most effective method
|    Chronic hepatitis B carriers can also lead active, healthy lives and manage the diseasebe in well condition through drug intervention.

In China, about 93 million people are infected with chronic hepatitis B virus (HBV), 
representing about 40% of worldwide cases.
 HBV contributes to up to 80% of liver cancer. 
Each year over 300,000 people in China die of HBV-related liver disease and liver cancer. 
These deaths mostly occur at working age between 35-65 years old.

World Distribution of Hepatitis B Infection


JoinJade for China can help you design and implement your educational program and answer questions relating to hepatitis B. Leading JoinJade companies will be recognized by the Asian Liver Center at Stanford University and Global Business Group on Health, with the Jade Ribbon Employer Award. Businesses will not only benefit from joining by creating inclusive workplaces, but also exert positive social impact through the elimination of discrimination against hepatitis B carriers.

If your business is interested, please sign up and return the Declaration to Asian Liver Center by September 1st, 2016 and carry out the following two promises by World Hepatitis Day 2017 (July 28th):

·  Offer hepatitis B education as a routine part of wellness programming to promote a healthy workforce and end disease stigma;
·  Assess and if applicable, revise company hiring, promotion, and employment policies to end involuntary hepatitis B testing and any discriminatory practices.

                                                                        Procedures & Deadlines

For more information about joining the project, please contact:

Asian Liver Center at Stanford University, Beijing
张建敏 (Linda Zhang)
010-6275 2198
严小君 (Xiaojun Yan) 
010-6274 4167

Following websites for your reference

Stanford Official Website:
China Official Website:
Global Business Group on Health:


Source: MSH China

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